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Seal Report offers a complete framework for producing every day reports and dashboards from any database.

The product focuses on an easy installation and report design: Once setup, reports can be built and published in a minute.

Seal Report is an Open Source for the Microsoft .Net Framework entirely written in C#.

Main Features

  • Dynamic SQL sources: Use either your SQL or let the Seal engine build dynamically the SQL used to query your database.
  • Native Pivot Tables: Simply drag and drop elements directly in a pivot table (Cross Tab) and display them in your report.
  • HTML 5 Charts and Microsoft Charts: Define and display Chart Series in two mouse clicks.
  • HTML Rendering using Razor engine: Use the power of HTML5 in the report result (JQuery Tabs, Tables sorting and filtering). Customize your report presentation in HTML with the Razor engine parsing.
  • Web Report Server: Publish your reports on the web (requires Internet Information Server 7 or 8 with MVC4)
  • Task scheduler: Schedule your report executions and generate results in folders or send them by emails (integrated with the Windows Tasks Scheduler)
  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership): The product is designed for minimal ongoing maintenance.

A live demonstration of the Web Report Server is available.

Quick start guides for building reports are available at the Seal Report Web site.

Use the Seal Report forum to get free support, information and hints on the product.

Screen shots

Report Designer


HTML Report result


Web Report Server


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