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Can it work like a banded report writer?


SealReport is a nice find. Thank you! I haven't tested it other than to run some of the demo reports.

Question, does SealReport support the kinds of features that classic banded report writers do, like crystal and the report writer in Access? That would mean group by and so forth? The text oriented (as opposed to chart oriented) reports I looked at in the SealReports demo area didn't seem to show off that kind of capability. However SealReports is obviously very sophisticated and the features I'm asking after are likely there, just now shown off.

I'm really impressed...


epf wrote Oct 7, 2014 at 10:58 AM

Thank you for your comments,

Actually your question is quite open and the choice of a reporting tool depends on your requirements, your skills, your environments, etc.

The big difference between Seal and other classic reporting tools is that it does not focus on the presentation: just enter a SQL select and you will get directly a correct report with sort, restrictions prompted, charts...

Seal Report focuses also on the reuse of your DataSources=Database description for all your reports, with the flexibility to customize in the report the SQL generated at different levels (this can be useful for tricky demands).

With this approach, you can build very quickly many reports and maintain them quite easily. So I would say it is more for operational reporting (day to day report) than for institutional reporting (like producing DataSheet every years)...

Concerning the lack of WYSISWYG editor for presentation, if you have strong HTML skills, you can really customize your report as you want, plus adding some fun HTML5 features as the report result is just an HTML file.

Most of the features provided are based on experienced we had on reporting for 15 years...
Please use the Seal Forum for such discussion... I try to keep it live.