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For end-users and especially report designers, the product aims to be self-documented as a description is displayed for each field edited.

Quick start guides for building reports are available at the Seal Report Web site.

Use the Seal Report forum to get free support, information and hints on the product.



Main Entities: Repository and Reports

The Seal Repository stores all the entities managed by Seal Report: Data Sources, Devices, and Reports.
In addition, the repository contains extra folders for the Settings (configuration and dictionary for translations), the Views (used to render report result), the Security (configuration and providers) and the Themes (used for choosing basic colors).
The repository root folder is located in "C:\ProgramData\Seal Report Repository".

A report is composed of Data Sources, Models, Views and optional Tasks, Outputs and Schedules.
The report may also reference Views Templates and Themes located in the repository.
  1. Data Sources contain the descriptions of database connections, tables, joins and columns.
  2. Models are used to generate ResultSet (Data Table) and Series from a single SQL Statement.
  3. The Views are used to generate a HTML document from the Models using Razor parsing and rendering.
  4. Output and Schedule may be defined to automate report generation.
  5. Taks may be defined to perform basic SQL or Script tasks.

Product Components

Seal Report is composed of the Server Manager application, the Report Designer application, the Web Report Server and the Task Scheduler.
  • The Server Manager application edits repository Data Sources, Devices and is used to perform administrative tasks (checking sources and reports, publishing web site).
  • The Report Designer application edits and executes reports.
  • The Web Report Server (a MVC4 Web application published on IIS) allows the end-users to execute the report published from the Web.
  • The Task Scheduler (a console application) is invoked by the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule report execution on a Device (folder or email).

Report Model Class Diagram


Repository and Security Class Diagram


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